Frame Symbol of Fertility
Creative Frame for Photoshop in the Egyptian style.
Frame Symbol of Fertility
PNG + PSD | 7000 * 5000 | 254 MB
Author: Gala3D
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The Gnomon Workshop Visual Development DVD-iNKiSO

The Gnomon Workshop Visual Development DVD
English | Team: iNKiSO | ISO | 3.93 GB
Genre: Video Training

In this series, Marc Gabbana walks you through his visual development process as he creates the TribalBot, a forest dwelling robotic vehicle. In this second volume, he begins by adding tone to his pen drawings using Adobe Photoshop. Marc demonstrates how to work with values and shading, and he shares his methodology for layer management. He also shows you which custom brushes he uses as he adds dimension to his designs. Through his gray scale paintings, Marc emphasizes how value, composition and lighting are all integral for creating drama and mood in a scene. Lastly, he shows you how to combine various tone images to create new and unexpected lighting scenarios. The final image is a fully painted TribalBot ready to pounce off the screen.
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Sheldons Art Academy Videos 10 to 13

Sheldons Art Academy: Videos 10 to 13
English | Team: N/A | .MP4 | 1.20 GB
Genre: Video Training

Finally available on video, broken down in extreme detail, are the same lectures that have trained many of today\'s top industries professionals. In these videos, Sheldon Borenstein demonstrates everything from how to hold a pencil, How to tell a story with gesture, to using anatomy and much more. These lectures, which where once only available for select students, are now available for everyone to watch at their own convenience.
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Rogue Philippines - April 2012

Rogue Philippines - April 2012
English | 144 pages | PDF | 29 Mb
 EpostMan07  |    Comments (0)  | 
F1 Racing - May 2012

F1 Racing - May 2012
English | PDF | 124 pages | 54 Mb
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Flower Frame-Blossomed lilacs in May.

Flower Frame-Blossomed lilacs in May.
PSD,PNG | 300 dpi |4500 x 3500 |112,08 MB
Author : ELLA
 ella1976  |    Comments (0)  | 
Child's frame - Fairy-tale fairy and butterflies

Child's frame - Fairy-tale fairy and butterflies
PSD | 4122x5768 | 55.7 Mb
Author: wertyozka
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The ManCandy FAQ Character Rigging and Animation in Blender DVD9-DaD

The ManCandy FAQ Character Rigging and Animation in Blender DVD9
English | Team: DaD | ISO | 3.8 GB
Genre: Video Training

The 3D character ManCandy has been created by Bassam Kurdali for testing and teaching animation techniques. Over the past year it has become a wonderfully flexible character, deserving to become the first of the titles in the Open Movie Workshop series.
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Unattended Soft Pack 30.04.12 (x86/x64)
Unattended Soft Pack 30.04.12 (x86/x64) | 4.27 GB

Unattended Soft Pack - a collection of programs with a fully automatic installation and registration. First of all, this package is designed for those who do their own assembly WPI.
This assembly is not the WPI, it is simply a collection of programs, fully packaged and prescribed keys "silent install". With this package, you can create your own assembly WPI, or used to update an existing one.
 tuongyda14  |    Comments (0)  | 
Tuts+ Discover Cutting Edge CSS3 Techniques

Tuts+: Discover Cutting Edge CSS3 Techniques
English | Team: N/A | .mov | 231 MB
Genre: Video Training

Discover Cutting Edge CSS3 Techniques by JeffreyWay
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